The Pennsylvania - Delaware String Teachers Association

PADESTA Chapter History

We are currently looking to update the history page of our chapter’s activities. If you have information about important events, individuals, or other issues related to PADESTA’s work in the period from 1950–2010, please let us know!

The American String Teachers Association (ASTA) was founded on March 30, 1946, at an MENC national convention in Cleveland Ohio. Because ASTA’s initial work seemed to focus more on the needs of studio teachers and amateur players, orchestra directors met to form an organization dedicated to the specific needs of school orchestra directors and teachers. As a result, orchestra directors met in 1958 to form the National School Orchestra Association (NSOA).

The Pennsylvania-Delaware String Teachers Association was originally incorporated as the Pennsylvania chapter of ASTA in 1968. The Pennsylvania Orchestra Association existed as a separate state chapter of NSOA. When the national associations merged into ASTA with NSOA in 1998, the state chapters of the two organizations also merged into PADESTA with PSOA. ASTA later officially dropped the “with NSOA” title in year and PADESTA did the same.

PADESTA has been reorganized and updated its incorporation status with the IRS as of 2009. We are officially a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.