The Pennsylvania - Delaware String Teachers Association

Chapter Missions & Goals

The Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter of the American String Teachers Association (PADESTA) supports members of ASTA who live and work in Pennsylvania and Delaware. PADESTA offers grants, awards, support, workshops, and are constantly working on new projects to help support the teachers in our state. If you have suggestions on how the state board and organization can help you in your playing and teaching, please contact one of our board members. If you would like to help with PADESTA board projects, contact our president.

The American String Teachers Association founded more than 60 years ago, is a membership organization for string and orchestra teachers and players, helping them to develop and refine their careers. ASTA's members range from budding student teachers to artist-status performers. The organization provides a vast array of services, including instrument insurance, an award-winning scholarly journal, discounts on publications and resources, annual professional development opportunities, and access to collegial network of colleagues throughout the string profession.

The American String Teachers Association promotes excellence in string and orchestra teaching and playing. ASTA pursues its mission through:

• an open sharing of ideas;
• benefits, services, and activities responsive to the needs of all members;
• development of strong state leadership and chapters;
• enhancing the image and visibility of string teaching and study;
• advocacy for string education; and
• an inclusive community of string teachers and players.

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